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No More Altyazı with Çilem Akar’ın bu bölümünde bilmen gereken 10 deyimi öğreniyoruz.

  • to do something dangerous – to play with fire

You play with fire, you get burned.

  • betray – to stab in the back

This is a stab in the back.

You stabbed me in the back.

  • to ignore something – to turn a blind eye to

God turned a blind eye and let her die.

I’m not gonna turn a blind eye.

  • to finish work – to call it a day

Let’s call it a day.

We’re gonna call it a day.

  • to work late – to burn the midnight oil

Burning the midnight oil, Mr. Smith?

Back burning the midnight oil, I see.

  • to keep in contact – to stay in touch

So, stay in touch.

We could stay in touch.

  • to become successful – to make it big

I’m gonna make it big one day, Dan. I’m serious.

This is our chance to make it big.

  • to be unnoticed – to keep a low profile

Root has to keep a low profile.

I told them to keep a low profile.

  • to make things interesting – to spice things up

That might spice things up.

Just spicing things up a bit.

  • to finish – to wrap it up

Wrap it up. Let’s go home.

Let’s wrap it up.

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