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No More Altyazı with Çilem Akar’ın bu bölümünde bilmen gereken 10 Phrasal

verb’ü öğreniyoruz.

  • to have no more – to run out of

We’d run out of food.

This phone is gonna run out of charge.

  • to begin a hobby – to take up

You should definitely take up painting.

We’ll take up yoga or jogging.

  • to end a relationship – to break up

Why would I break up with you?

Maybe we should break up.

  • to fall asleep – to doze off

Do you ever doze off on a flight?

Wake up. This is no time to doze off.

  • to solve – to sort out

He has a lot of things to sort out before he graduates.

That’s what we need to sort out.

  • to continue – to carry on

Okay, this was fun. Carry on.

Well, good. Carry on.

  • to continue – to go on

Go on, wash it off.

Go on with your story.

  • to search – to look for

Can you at least look for it?

They didn’t need to look for anyone else.

  • to mention – to bring up

You have to promise not to bring up your mother.

Five or six things to bring up.

  • to delay – to put off

I told you I put off grad school.

You’re gonna have to put off going to New York.

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