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No More Altyazı with Çilem Akar’ın bu bölümünde okulda öğretilen 10 İngilizce kalıbın gerçek hayatta kullanılan hallerini inceliyoruz.

  • to gather – to get together

We’ll get together, have a few laughs.

We can get together once in a while.

  • to disappoint – to let somebody down

I can’t let them down.

You don’t wanna let her down now, do you?

  • to contribute – to pitch in

Feel free to pitch in anytime.

Your dad’s gonna pitch in the world series.

  • to visit – to drop in

Sorry to drop in on you like this.

Drop in and see me sometime.

  • to appear – to show up

The limo didn’t show up.

Show up on time.

  • to meet – to catch up

Catch up?

I’ll catch up with you later.

  • to work together – to team up

Are you saying we should team up?

Try and team up with them again.

  • to understand – to catch on

You’ll catch on.

You catch on fast.

  • to be very surprised – to be blown away

He’s pretty blown away.

I’m just blown away.

  • to explain – to break it down

Let me break it down.

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